Predator 8750 Generator Review

Whether you live in an area with frequent power outages or enjoy camping in your RV, you need a reliable power generator. You also need a generator to start within minutes when there is a power breakdown due to extreme weather conditions or grid fluctuation. While you might be tempted to purchase the lighter and cheaper generators in the market, you also need to ensure they provide power during emergencies – sufficiently and reliably.

If you are in the market for a generator with high power, the Predator 8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts, Generator is a great option. Even though the unit does not come from a big brand, it provides everything you would expect from a top generator manufacturer. In this review, we will look at the different specs of the Predator 8750 Generator, things you can expect from this unit, and other factors to help you determine if this is the right generator for you. 

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8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts, 13 HP (420cc) Generator CARB Special


Start Type: Recoil and electric

Output Voltage: 120/140 VAC, 12 VDC

Starting Watts: 8750W

Running Watts: 7000W

Fuel Type: 87+ Octane Unleaded

Noise Level: 76DB

Weight: 183 Pounds

Dimensions: 26.88L x 22W x 22.75H Inches

Tank Capacity: 6.6 Gallons

What’s in the Box?

The package contains a full range of tools and different accessories, including;

  • Regular Wrench
  • Spark Plug Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Funnel
  • Battery Mount

With this kit, you can adjust the generator’s height according to your preference and requirements and fix other external issues, if any, by yourself.

Best Features of The Predator 8750 Generator

Powerful Engine

The Predator 8750 comes with a 420cc/13 HP air-cooled OHV engine. The generator is powered by gasoline and can produce 8750 maximum wattages along with 7000 running wattages. The powerful wattages make this generator one of the best in the “portable generator” category. You can use the generator to power multiple appliances around your home, right from the water pump to an electric heater.

Apart from residential usage, the generator can also be used for other purposes such as on worksites, as a reserve power source, or for farming applications. The generator’s OHV engine allows valve lash modification, which is very common in other generators. All you have to do is unlock the overhead cam and change the valve gear. The only disadvantage of this generator, if you can call it so, is that it is on the heavier side, weighing 183-lb. Even though it is bigger in dimension than many of its counterparts, it is easy to move around.

Design & Durability

This sturdy generator comes in a strong steel frame with a cast iron sleeve. The generator’s case is made of heavy-duty steel of 1-1/4 inches, offering robust protection from damage. Even though the generator’s size is pretty big, as mentioned earlier, it is easy to move around using the foam-covered handle. The ergonomically designed handle allows for better grip when you pull the generator or move around.

The generator stands on strong four mounts that prevent rattles and absorbs shock when it is on. This feature makes the running of the generator smoother and noise-free. There is also an air-filter installed which is separated from the generator’s engine using a thick foam layer. The filter helps prevent impurities from damaging the piston bar, cylinder, and valve lash over time. This air filter helps keep impurities and dusty air away from the fuel tank to prevent damaging it. It helps better the performance of the generator and adds to its lifespan considerably. 

Multiple Outlets

This Predator generator comes with five receptacles to prevent any electrical problems. These include –

  •       One 240V,  4 Prong 30A Twist Lock Outlet – Even though the generator does not directly support an RV connection, you can use an adapter for it. This outlet is used to plug in hairdryers, coffee makers, and even computers.
  •       One 12V 8A DC Outlet – This outlet is used to charge batteries and even appliances that run on batteries.
  •       One 120V, 3 Prong AC 20A Twist Lock Outlet – This switch allows connection to the breaker box in case of power breakdown. This outlet is perfect for residential appliances.
  •       Two 120V, 20A Duplex, 3 Prong AC Outlets

Different kinds of outlets make it easy to connect different appliances and equipment and distribute power more efficiently. Also, all receptacles are equipped with UL-listed circuit breakers. In case of overload, you need to push the button on the breaker, and the power gets back on.

Huge Fuel Capacity & High Efficiency

8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts, 13 HP (420cc) Generator CARB Special

The Predator Generator 8750 uses 87 + unleaded gasoline and can hold about 6.6-gallon fuel. It can easily run for anywhere between 8 to 12 hours, depending on the number of appliances hooked to it. The amazing runtime of about 12 hours with a 50% load allows Predator to power many appliances without the need to refuel in between. 

Quick Start Feature

This model is easy to start, and all you have to do is push the electric start button to switch it on. You have the option to turn on the generator in two different ways. One is by pulling the ripcord, and another is an electrical way using the batteries that you need to buy separately. Thus, the generator is perfect for people who are not used to operating generators or are not handy with machines.

Noise Level

The noise measurement for Predator 8750 is 76 dbA from around a distance of 7 meters and is considered to be loud. Extremely quiet generators make a noise of 60 dbA or less. However, they are not among the loudest generators available in the market. Even at this level, Predator makes much less noise compared to washing machines or dishwashers. They will run without causing any disturbance, but it is not ideal for those looking for extremely quiet generators. 

Different Safety Functions

There are multiple protective relays included that detect faults occurring inside the generator to provide an extra sense of security.  

  •       Low Oil Shutdown – Most people consider a low oil indicator a basic safety feature in generators, but it is not very common. The good news is that this Predator Generator comes with this desirable feature. Without it, your generator and the appliances hooked to it will get damaged if it is operated with not enough or no oil in it. This generator automatically shuts off its system when the gasoline level is near to the zero-level.
  •       Circuit Breakers – Short circuit or overloading can cause problems in appliances and can be a fire hazard. In such cases, in-built circuit breakers provide protection. When there is excess electricity flowing through the receptacles, the circuit breaker stops the flow of electricity. 
  •       Spark Arrestor – The spark arrestor in the unit helps prevent fire and is especially helpful if you take it out to camping in forested regions. 

Control Panel

The control panel on the Predator 8750 Generator is quite handy. All the different lights, buttons, and switches are placed neatly along with the description. There is a light indicator that will turn red if the generator runs low on fuel. Safety features like the circuit breaker and low fuel shutdown are also indicated on the panel. You can also check the fuel level using the integrated fuel gauge.  

Minimum Maintenance

This Predator Generator can help you save money in the long term as it requires the least maintenance. All you have to do is clean the generator’s engine and the fuel tank periodically, which is the case with most generators. It is best not to leave gasoline inside the fuel chamber for a long time when it is not in operation. To keep the generator in the best condition, make sure to read the manual you get along with the unit.

Emission Standards 

The Predator 8750 Generator has received the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification. 

What is Predator 8750 Generator Capable of Powering?

The Predator 8750 generator’s impressive wattage can be used to power many different appliances optimally, including power-hungry appliances.

Commercial Uses 

Predator 8750 is perfect for job sites such as construction, where you need to use high-powered tools. You can easily power common tools with this generator. Its run time of 12 hours can allow you to finish any job without any hassles. Some common uses include –

  • Power tools like saws, drills
  • Air compressors
  • Musical instruments

Residential Uses

This generator can come quite handy during a power outage at home. It can easily keep your appliances and the lights working for long hours without interruptions with its high wattage power. A few options for home use include –

  • Household appliances like refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves, etc.
  • Electronics such as your computer, tablets, phones, laptops, vacuum cleaners, etc.
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Well pumps
  • Gardening tools

Other Uses

Apart from the commercial and the residential uses, the Predator 8750 will be a great asset in the following situations –

  • Powering your RVs and similar vehicles
  • Providing power during long road trips
  • Portable appliances and electronics during camping trips


  •       Easy to Operate – The Predator 8750 generator is very user-friendly, and one does not need any qualification or special skills to operate it. Its simple interface makes it easy for anyone to use it by reading the user manual. If you get stuck somewhere, just take out the manual and clarify your doubts to get back on track.
  •       Low Start-up Time – The start-up time for the Predator 8750 generator is very short. Just grab the ripcord and pull it. You can also use the electric start button, but you will need to buy the battery separately for its operation.
  •       Low Maintenance – Some generators require a lot of maintenance. If they are not cared for, they can get damaged quickly. But, this won’t be an issue with Predator 8750. Just clean the generator regularly and ensure you do not leave engine oil in it when it’s not in use. There are no special requirements for any additional maintenance. 
  •       Safe and Reliable – The generator is extremely safe and reliable. The multiple safety functions ensure everyone around it is safe. 
  •       Durable – Many people choose inexpensive generators but end up spending more on their repairs and maintaining them. Predator 8750 saves you from the headache of extensive repairs. The unit is made of hardy steel and can last for a very long time. 


  •       Noisy – The generator is not the quietest of generators in the market. So, if you need tranquillity and an extremely quiet generator, this might not be the right choice for you. 
  •       A Little Bulky – The weight and the dimension of the generator can be a challenge for many. The generator weighs 22- pounds making it difficult to move around for some. But, the wheel kit can help overcome this problem quite easily and efficiently. 
  •       Expensive – Compared to other generators in the market, the price of Predator 8750 is on the higher side. Also, you will need to spend a little extra on the electric starter and the wheel kit. 

Verdict –  Predator 8750 Generator review

8750 Peak/7000 Running Watts, 13 HP (420cc) Generator CARB Special

You can’t go wrong with Predator 8750  when it comes to its sturdiness, efficiency, and power. If you are in the market for a great generator, you won’t find a better deal. This generator has many different features, which would be difficult to find in similarly priced generators from other leading brands. You will not have to worry about it not starting when you need it the most. This powerful generator will generate power for hours without interruption.

The inclusion of six different outlets makes it very versatile and allows it to power up many appliances and electronics with ease. However, if you are in the market for a portable generator, this might not be an ideal choice. However, for those for whom portability is not a priority and are looking for sufficient power and high wattage, look no further. 

Overall, the Predator 8750 Generator does exactly what it claims. The amazing combination of excellent features makes this generator one of the best in the market. Whether it is for your business, home, or anything else in between, it would certainly not disappoint you. 

The best way to find a great generator that checks all your needs is to align your requirements and budget with the available options in the market. And,  the Predator 8750 is a feasible option developed to meet the requirements of most users.