Generac iX2000

Generac iX2000 Inverter Generator Review

The Generac iX2000 may look like your average portable generator but looks can be deceiving. The average looking iX2000 is an environmentally friendly generator that is built to lower things like noise levels and improve gasoline consumption. In fact, we’d go so far as to say maximize it, right down to every drop.

The 126cc engine uses what’s called electronically controlled inverter technology that’s designed to handle the output of power when it is running on 100% load. The ability to vary the engine’s speed helps manage the noise levels, while at the same time, it isn’t stuck at outputting the most voltage.

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We put the iX2000 through its paces and were surprised to find that it outputs perfect AC sinewave, ensuring that devices connected directly to the generator will last longer. However, this isn’t the only thing that surprised us about this generator. Many other features caught our eye, and some stuff caught us off guard, which you should know about before buying.

What Makes the Generac iX2000 a Modern Generator?

Trust us when we tell you, we have used and tested generators for decades, even before anyone thought to review them. We’ve seen the technology evolve from being based on single stroke engines, with a deafening noise that turned most people off to modern-day quieter and lighter, easier to use bundles of joy. However, our experience over the years has been mostly centered around generators by well-known brands like Yamaha and Honda. For some reason, Yamaha has at least to us, and people we’ve known proven to be highly reliable, last longer, and have good resale. That said, you’d be surprised to learn that the iX2000 brings all of that to the table but with a lower price tag.

​The iX2000 Generac generator uses an array of modern technology, which helps it ensure safe running even when running at peak capacity. It has numerous built-in features that prevent the generator from running too hot, under too much load, and without oil. Most of all, it’s super portable, more so than many other cheap portable generators in this price bracket.

So, the question is, what corners does the company cut to make the pricing so competitive? Interestingly, we weren’t able to find any corners the company may have cut, which is going to become evident from our review.


Generac iX2000 – Specifications

The Generac iX 2000 comes with a pretty powerful 126cc engine, which we admit isn’t the latest, nor is it the smallest you can find, but it does put out a pretty decent 22000 watts. That said, that’s not what’s unique about this Generac inverter generator. What’s truly remarkable is that the generator is 40% lighter than a regular generator that produces the same 2000 watts, which does not have an inverter built into it.

You also need to factor in what we’ve mentioned in the introduction that it has a pretty decent price tag, which makes it a fantastic investment for anyone who wants to buy a 2000-watt generator.

What About Fuel Economy?

Many people ask us about fuel economy every time we recommend a generator. Anything with a gasoline engine is going to consume gasoline, with this generator being no different. However, the iX2000 is the perfect penny pincher’s generator.

The best way to explain its fuel economy is to describe what we did. We filled up the tank and turned it on, with a full load applied. By full load, we mean a few lights and even our refrigerator. The generator outputs an impressive 16 Amps, which is consistent and resembles actual AC current. The generator lasted for a good 6 hours before turning itself off when the tank’s gas ended.

Speaking of load, the generator has a built-in overload protection system that turns it off if overloaded. So, we tried to test it out by turning on our AC, at which point it should be overloaded. Interestingly, the Generac iX2000 kept on going, and our small AC was still outputting cold air! Though it did overload after a minute or so and turned itself off. Since 16 Amps is the highest rated power output, it was bound to happen. We’d be surprised if it didn’t.

Noise Levels AKA Decibel Levels

One of the things that you should always be aware of before buying a generator is the amount of noise that it generates in addition to electricity. Portable generators with their tiny engines are notorious for being loud. That said, unknown to many people, the latest generators that are well designed with the latest technology aren’t as loud as they used to be.

The iX2000 puts out around 50 dBA of sound, which isn’t exactly quiet, but it is still comparatively quieter. While you still wouldn’t want to stand next to it, we also measured the decibels of a few other similarly priced generators for comparison sake. As it turns out the iX2000 is 5% quieter than other generators, even the high-end branded ones.

Buying a generator that generates the least amount of noise is important since it makes working in close proximity to it easier. You certainly don’t want to be watching the game with a noisy generator running a few feet away. Plus, it could wake up your baby and scare away the fish and birds, defeating the whole purpose of being outdoors. If you are going to use it indoors, it will make living with the noise impossible.

The Inverter Feature

The Generac iX2000 is a generator that also doubles as an inverter. What that means is that the unit will give you power when needed as well as ensuring that important appliances like your TV and computers remain safe when and if there is a power disruption.

The inverter also ensures that you get 2200 watts of stable power from the beginning to the very end. That, coupled with the inverter feature, assures that your appliances will remain safe regardless of how they are plugged in.

A Lightweight Portable Generator

It is obvious that a portable generator has to be lightweight. However, the size and often the relative weight of the engine is what makes them heavy. That said, the latest technology and lightweight engine design is able to drastically reduce the weight of the latest portable generators. Compared to what was available over a decade ago, the one’s available today are at least 25% lighter.

The iX2000 uses modern technology, which is why it is around 40% lighter than most of its competition. While it generates the same amount of electricity, it is without any added weight.

Speaking of weight, the iX2000 is also easier to carry around. The handle is designed to offer a better grip and is positioned above the engine. The positioning of the handle puts less stress on the wrists, which makes it easier to carry. So, that’s another reason why it feels lighter compared to others that may weigh the same.


Excellent Build Quality of the Housing

One of the things we have always complained about with portable generators is that their housing is of low quality. Low-quality housings don’t last long and don’t offer any sound or vibration dampening. Over the years, we’ve found that most low-priced portable generators compromise on the housing quality, which to us, isn’t a fair compromise.

The iX2000, to our surprise, is perhaps the only budget generator that’s fully enclosed in what is a pretty durable housing. Not only does the housing minimize sound but does not heat up, and you shouldn’t worry about it melting away if the generator is run for an extended period.

The one thing we did notice about the housing is that it is made from hard plastic. While hard plastic does not melt but it is vulnerable to cracking, especially if the generator is dropped or its hit hard by a pebble. That’s why you’ll want to handle it with care.


2 Modes of Operation

The iX2000 offers two modes of operation. In fact, all Generac generators we’ve tested have these two modes of operation.

The first mode is for heavy loads, i.e., you need to power something that consumes a lot of power. The second is for fuel efficiency and lower decibel levels. If you are on a camping trip, for instance, you won’t need anything more than the fuel-efficient mode. However, if your home’s power got knocked out because of a storm, then you can switch to the heavy load mode, which will power many of your more demanding appliances.

When testing both modes, we found that the generator runs at 50% of its rated capacity in power saving or economy mode. It is enough to power a few LED lights, a fan, and charge a laptop or smartphone. However, it isn’t going to power 3x fans and a blender; for that, you need to switch to the heavy load mode.

Low Fuel Shutdown Feature

The feature isn’t new, but it is certainly handy. This portable generator has a built-in low fuel shutdown feature, which is activated when the tank is running low on gasoline. The feature ensures that the engine does not run dry, which can cause it to malfunction.

The same goes for the overload feature. The circuit breaker is triggered when there is more load than the engine can handle and turns it off. The feature is important because excessive loads lead to excessive heat and wear on the engine. Not only can it cause the engine to seize but could lead to a fire.

We tested the overload feature by turning on our AC, and it worked fine. It did power the AC for a few seconds before giving up. That’s important because you never want to overload any generator, mainly if you value your appliances.

Very Easy to Read Display

In the past portable generators were all about needle gauges. You had to get very close to a noisy generator that’s outputting hot and dangerous fumes to read what you wanted. The iX2000 solves that issue with its easy to read display.

The new display makes it easier to see how things are working from a distance. However, you will need to get close to the unit to access the external DC port for 12 volts. The port is ideal for recharging car batteries. We didn’t charge a battery to see how fast it could, but we reckon it offers standard charging.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy the Generac iX2000?

Now, if you are like most Americans, you’ve probably grown up with Yamaha and Honda generators; while Honda or Yamaha make some fabulous, durable, and dependable generators, they are not cheap. Your standard portable generator by these brands with barebones features can cost you upwards of $1500. The one with a few useful features can run upwards of $1800. While the iX2000 is just as dependable in our experience, outputs the same power but for a fraction of the cost.

The iX2000 is loaded with great features. It is easy to use, easy to carry, and, most of all, offers a relatively silent experience. Generators like these from big-name brands are an option but will they really last as long as you think? Modern engine technology ensures that even budget brands like Generac can manufacture excellent, lightweight engines that rival those of its big-name competitors. So, if its engine life that you’re worried about, well, that concern is outdated. In our opinion, why spend more on less, when you get more for less, which is the case with the Generac iX2000.

 We hope this review has helped you to decide if this inverter generator is ideal for your needs. If not check out some of the other inverter generators and energy-efficient products we review on this site.