DIY 3D Solar Panels Project


Lately, there’s been a term popping up – 3D solar towers. We’re all familiar with the popular solar panels that are placed flat on a roof – they are designed to capture the energy from the sun, and they do a great job at it. However, when the angle of those rays changes, the panels aren’t as efficient as they were when the sun was directly overhead. While these types of solar panels are still good, there’s a new form of technology in town.

In order to get around this issue, scientists have been conducting experiments with different forms of solar cell technologies, such as nanoscale 3D structures. Researchers have developed a 3D shape (3D solar tower) that allows much more power output than the traditional solar panel.

This 3D configuration was put through a variety of tests under different seasons, latitudes, and weather. MIT labs conducted their own tests on these models, and during this time, researchers measured their performance.

Researchers discovered that these towers are able to collect more sunlight than the flat solar panels – this is because they’re vertical. These cubes are even able to collect power from the sun when shadows or clouds block the sun.

Using 3D Solar Power for Your Home

People around the world have already started to take advantage of 3D solar power. The 3D solar tower configuration is so much better than the flat panels as the tower is capable of generating more energy than the flat panels. These towers are able to capture off-peak sunlight, making them highly efficient for use at home.

These cubes can capture the sun in areas and under circumstances where traditional panels weren’t as effective. This new design is no longer messed up when the angle of the sun is lower, during the winter months, or in locations that are far from the equator.

Benefits of Using 3D Solar Power for Your Home

There is a reason so many people are using this new technology to power their home, and when you see all of the benefits, you’ll understand why.

Take a look at some of the benefits of using 3D solar power to power your home:

  • Energy Production – Highest energy production, and what’s cool about this is the fact that it doesn’t require as many solar panels as the traditional flat panels.
  • Bifacial PV Modules – Through the use of bifacial PV modules, the costs per kWh are reduced.
  • Even More Energy – You can get between 10-20 times more energy, more sq meters than you would get with those old flat panels.
  • Compact – Being that they are horizontal, they don’t require as big of an area as the traditional flat panels.
  • Easy to Install – For those of you who are worried about the installation, don’t be. Believe it or not, the 3D Solar Towers are easy to install.
  • More Power Production – During the morning and evening hours, as well as the winter months, when flat panels would have failed you, the 3D Solar Towers won’t.

Flat Solar Panels vs. 3D Solar Towers for a Medium Size Home

Let’s say you have a medium home with 3-bedrooms – you also have an electric car. Your annual electricity consumption is somewhere along the lines of 6000kWh.  You selected the flat solar system, which includes 22 panels x250 w (5.5kW) – the gross area is 36 sq m, and this will produce n average of 6180kWh per year or 515kWh per month.

When you compare the traditional flay system with the 3D system, it can produce 6180kWH per year with 16 modules, instead of the 22 that the flat solar system requires. The energy yield of the 3D tower is 2.5 times greater. This comes to a savings of 30% on the number of muddles being used and the area that is required.

Who Should Use 3D Solar Towers?

People of all walks of life use 3D Solar towers – they’re used by both home and business owners.

Complex Surfaces – There are times when the traditional flat solar panel can’t be used. For those who have a complex architecture design, 3D solar towers will definitely come in handy. Years ago, due to the complex surface, you weren’t able to use solar panels, but now, thanks to the advancements in solar technologies, you’re now able to take advantage of the sunshine.

Small Areas – Many of us have been there; we live in a home that has limited space. We want to take advantage of solar panels, yet we just don’t have anywhere to put those flat panels. For this reason, we have opted out of powering our home with solar energy. Now that horizontal systems exist, even those with limited space can use solar energy to power their home. So, for those of you who live in those densely inhabited urban areas, there’s good news here – you can use horizontal solar towers!

Remote Areas – Let’s say you live in a remote village or a farm off the power grid. With 3D solar towers installed, you will now have power.

Northern Climate Regions and Mountainous Areas – This includes countries such as Georgia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Austria – the areas that are hilly. With 3D solar towers, you’re now able to harvest enough power from the sun to power your home.

Charging Stations – Off-grid fast-charging stations that power electric vehicles can even take advantage of 3D solar towers.

Research and Military – Research and military facilities can use 3D Solar Towers as well. In fact, 3D solar towers are highly recommended for these facilities because they will help prevent blackouts.

Charging Points for Drone Logistics – Automated on-demand transportation can take advantage of this technology. With the help of 3D solar towers, charging points can be set up.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining Farms – Let’s face it; it takes a whole lot of power to run one of these mining farms. In fact, if you run a mining farm, the electric bill will go through the roof. By using solar energy, you can help lessen the costs that are associated with your mining.

Floating Vessels and Platforms – Having a 3D solar tower installed on a floating platform, cargo vessel, superyacht, naval vessel, or commercial vessel is a great idea. This way, you won’t have to worry about being without power, even if you’re in the middle of the water.

Using a 3D Solar Tower for Business

It’s not just homeowners investing in 3D solar towers; even businesses around the world are using 3D solar towers. Solar panels help businesses achieve energy independence while slicing those electric bills. This solution would be great for companies with a fleet of electric vehicles or a parking business – this includes a delivery service, taxi service, and even post offices.

Advantages of using a 3D Solar Tower for Your Business

Save Money – When you start to use the sun to power your business, you will no longer have to worry about that huge electricity bill. Yes, you’ll have to pay for the solar technology, but that’s a one-time fee that you won’t have to worry about again. You will no longer have to worry about your energy expenses increasing.

Carbon Footprint – Thanks to solar technology, people can now decrease their carbon footprint.

Become a Green Leader – When you advertise your company/brand, you can mention that you’re a green leader. Many people are all about “going green in this day and age,” and when they see that a business has “gone green,” they will be likely to support them.

Produce More Energy – 3D Solar Towers can produce more energy than the traditional flat solar panels, which is a good reason to choose the solar tower over flat panels.

You see, there are many reasons as to why a business should use 3D solar towers, so if you’re a business owner and you aren’t already taking advantage of this technology, we encourage you to give it a try.

Backyard Revolution Solar System

The Backyard Revolution Solar System is a good DIY 3D solar panel project.

This may seem hard to believe, but you (yes, you) could build your very own 3D solar panel – there’s a good DIY 3D solar panel project available called the Backyard Revolution Solar System. It doesn’t cost a whole lot of money to make it (it’s nice knowing money is no longer an issue and we can have solar energy to power our household appliances). This is great for those looking for a DIY 3D solar panel project that isn’t hard to follow, and what’s really cool is it comes with its own video guide to show you everything you need to know in order to generate electricity.

Zack Bennett created the Backyard Revolution and is great for those who are tired of paying what feels like an arm and a leg to power companies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) discovered this form of electricity generating system during a time when people weren’t able to take advantage of solar panels because of the space required and the high cost. However, with this method, more and more people around the world are starting to use solar panels, and it doesn’t even require a whole lot of money or space to get it set up. Did I mention it doesn’t take much maintenance either?

Let me explain this device to you real quick, so you can have an understanding of what Zack Bennet created …

The device is a 3D-dimensional structure that offers more power than the traditional flat solar panels. The 3D-structure looks great, but when you get up close and personal with it, you’ll see that the horizontal tower actually consists of a series of solar panels that are overlapping. Each one of the solar panels has been individually placed in a way so that it can receive all of the sun rays in its glory.

Zack Bennett has taken this little design and simplified it so that everyone can take advantage of it. In fact, Zack made it so simple and provided all of the steps needed that even a beginner could do it. It comes with a PDF that will tell you everything you need; it even gives diagrams and pictures, making it even easier for you to follow along so that you can set up your own solar panel – this is a process that should only take a couple of hours. As an additional bonus, you will receive an over-the-shoulder video that shows Zack building the “power plant.” By watching this video guide, you can see exactly how it’s done.

MIT researchers released a report indicating that this 3D solar panel system can generate 20 times more energy than the normal flat solar panels. By having the solar panels hooked together on the vertical tower that’s in a zigzag shape, it makes it so that they’re able to collect as much sunlight as possible without taking up as much energy as a flat solar panel. Lately, we’ve noticed solar cells are getting cheaper, making it even easier (on your bank account) to build a DIY solar system like this.

We’ve written a Comprehensive Backyard Revolution Solar System review Here if you want to explore the product in more depth after reading this article.

The Price of a DIY Solar System

The unique design of a 3D solar system may seem a bit high, but in all honesty, it’s not going to cost you more than $200. In fact, the cost could easily be under $200, depending on where you purchase your equipment. The $200 will also include the cost of tools, which you may be able to use for other DIY projects.

Our Final Thoughts on DIY 3D Solar Panels

You see, you don’t need a whole lot of money to be able to set up your own 3D solar system. Using Zack Bennet’s Backyard Revolution guide, you will have step-by-step instructions, making it easy for you to put together your very 3D solar panel. Once you have your 3D solar panel put together, you’ll be kissing those high electricity bills goodbye once and for all.