Champion 7500 watt dual fuel generator review

Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Generator Review

Champion 7500DF Overview

For years now, Champion Power Equipment has been a leading manufacturer and designer of power generation devices in the USA. Among their excellent line of power equipment is the Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel generator- a firm favorite among homeowners and outdoor project workers.

This portable generator is the culmination of the years of experience and expertise gained by Champion Power Equipment. It is a powerful generator capable of meeting the average homes and job site power demands. On top of that, the Champion 7500DF is versatile thanks to its dual fuel nature (can use either gasoline or propane as fuel).

The Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel Generator doesn’t stop there. The generator is packed with loads of convenience and safety features to make things easier for the operator. Features like electric start, intelligauge, and a low-oil shutoff sensor make the generator safer and easier to use. 

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Champion 7500DF Usage

Champion Power Equipment 100165 9375/7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start

Homeowners in search of a power backup generator will find the Champion 7500 particularly useful. With a running wattage of 7500 watts, the generator can power all the appliances in an average home, from the lights and TV sets to the more power-hungry appliances like the freezer and the refrigerator. Even more appealing is the generator’s high starting wattage, 9375 watts.

The insanely high starting watts and adequate running watts make the Champion7500 DF a sound generator for an off-grid worksite. Its usage can also extend beyond the home and the worksite. For instance, you can use the generator in an RV and even camping, although the equipment’s loudness may prove a challenge.

Champion 7500DF Key Features

·         Dual Fuel

This 7500-watt portable generator can run on either gasoline or propane. Its dual fuel nature is a significant convenience feature that comes in handy when either one of these fuels is not available.

·         Electric Start

The Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel Generator lets you power it up with a handy toggle switch. The switch makes turning the generator on and off an effortless and convenient experience. The electric start feature includes Cold Start technology that makes it easier to start your generator in cold weather.

Nonetheless, the recoil remains on the Champion 7500DF, and you can always yank it when you are energetic.

·         Intelliguage

This is a feature in the generator that keeps track of the runtime hours, voltage, and hertz. This helps you easily monitor the power output of the champion 7500DF and maintenance intervals.  Thus, you can meet the essential maintenance requirements in the required time.

·         Powerful

The generator has a 439cc Champion engine with 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts on gasoline. On propane, the output is 8400 starting watts and 6750 running watts. There is a built-in Volt Guard surge protector that prevents overloads.

·         Low Oil Shut-off Sensor

Running a generator without oil is dangerous, and it usually destroys the device. Therefore, operators are required to monitor the oil levels continually so they do not get dangerously low. When it comes to the Champion 7500DF, remaining vigilant on the oil level is no longer necessary. Thanks to a low oil shutoff sensor, the generator automatically goes off when the oil levels get too low.

Champion 7500DF Dual Fuel Generator Review

Champion Power Equipment 100165 9375/7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start

Power and Capability

The Champion 7500DF packs a lot of power. While running on gasoline, it’s standard fuel; the generator has a running wattage of 7500 watts and a starting one of 9375 watts. While on propane, the running and starting wattage drop, at 6750 watts and 8400 watts, respectively. Judging by the numbers, this generator is pretty powerful with significant output regardless of the fuel it is running on.

The power output of a generator directly impacts its capabilities, and the Champion 7500DF can do quite a lot. While the running watts will give you enough juice to power up most if not all of your electric appliances and power tools, the high starting watts means you can add several other appliances or tools to the load without the generator shutting down.

This means that as a home power backup generator, the dual fuel generator will comfortably power several household appliances, including refrigerators, the lights, the air conditional, and TV sets simultaneously. For more power-intensive appliances like a clothes dryer and an electric water heater, you can only power them singly.

On the other hand, as the power source in a worksite, the Champion 7500DF will power most power tools like the circular saw, electric drills, rotary hammer the jigsaws, routers, etc. These tools may either run simultaneously or singly, depending on their combined total starting wattage.

Capacity and Runtime

How long a generator can run at your optimum power load matters as much as the power it gives out. The longer the runtime, the better, both in terms of fuel efficiency and convenience. A long runtime is an indicator of fuel efficiency. It means you won’t have to refill the fuel tank continually, and most importantly, a longer runtime saves on the cost of buying the fuel. The runtime is also directly influenced by the capacity of the fuel tank. The more the tank can hold, the longer the generator will run before the next refueling.

This Champion 7500-watt generator has a 6.0-gallon fuel tank. While this capacity does not sound impressive, the generator is highly efficient in its fuel consumption. On a full tank with gasoline, the Champion 7500DF has a run time of 8 hours when running at 50% load. On a full propane tank, the runtime drops to 5.5 hours at the same load.  Therefore, you get to enjoy loads of power while keeping costs low. As a home backup generator, the generator should comfortably last you through a blackout without the need to refuel.

Design and Reliability

Champion Power Equipment has an excellent reputation for designing and building reliable power generation devices. The Champion 7500DF is no different; you can rely on it to perform in any situation. From simple convenience features like Cold Start technology to a reliable open-shell heavy-duty construction design, the generator is built to deliver. The Champion 7500DF features an open-shell construction design with a sturdy frame and a wheel kit.

Thanks to Cold Start technology, you can now rely on this dual fuel generator to start in any weather, even in the harshest cold conditions. Speaking of dual fuel, this is a generator you can depend on even after a storm or hurricane wreaks havoc. In situations where a storm has damaged the grid and gas stations, you don’t have to stay powerless since propane is always an alternative.

To ensure that operators can depend on the Champion 7500 DF for years to come, Champion Power Equipment offers three years of warranty and free lifetime technical support from their dedicated experts.


Champion Power Equipment 100165 9375/7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start

When it comes to convenience, the Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel Generator puts in a lot of effort. Few 7500-watt dual fuel generators can achieve the same level of comfort. Thanks to multiple features, this generator is relatively easy to learn and use.

Straight out the box, the generator makes clear of its intent to give you a smooth user experience.  The packaging and clear instructions make setting up the dual fuel generator a hassle-free task.

The electric start makes it simple to turn the generator on and off with just a push of the button. Complementing this is cold start technology, which assures you that the Champion 7500DF will start even in icy conditions. Therefore, you don’t have to expend much energy on the recoil when your bodily health and weather conditions do not allow you to.

The low-oil shutoff sensor also advances the convenience of owning this Champion generator. By adding an extra level of protection to the Champion 7500DF, you no longer have to continually worry about the generator’s oil levels.  Therefore, you can comfortably go about your business knowing your machine is safe from damage by low oil levels.

The generator also comes transfer ready for easy transfer switch installation, thanks to a 30A L14-30R 120v/240v receptacle. There are two 20A outlets for powering high power tools and appliances. There is also a heavy-duty generator extension cable, 25 feet long, for remote availability of power at all times.

Mobility wise, the Champion 7500DF has a well-built fold-down handle, 9.5-inch never-flat wheels, and a heavy-duty frame that make moving the generator on a flat surface relatively easy. Despite being quite heavy at 202.4 pounds, this degree of mobility is one of the reasons why the generator is a candidate for use in outdoor projects.

Safety Features

The Champion 7500-Watt Generator comes with some safety features, both for the generator itself and the user’s tools and appliances. Some like the low-oil shutoff sensor protects the generator from dangerously low oil levels. Others like the built-in Volt Guard™ surge protectors shield your sensitive equipment and appliances during voltage fluctuations and overloads.

Intelligauge monitors the engine’s running hours, voltage, and frequency. By keeping track of these crucial aspects of the generator, this feature helps you carry out maintenance on time. Therefore, the longer life and efficiency of the Champion 7500-watt Generator is assured.


The price of a piece of machinery matters a lot. By comparing the equipment’s capabilities to its price, we can determine whether the equipment offers value. So, does the Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel Generator offer value? Yes, it does.

Competitively priced the Champion 7500DF delivers value for every buck.  The price will consist of the unit, an oil funnel, engine oil, extension cord, a wheel kit, and the battery. Given that you will be getting loads of convenience features and high-power performance for less than one thousand dollars, this generator redefines value.

What do Customers Love About the Champion 7500DF?

Champion Power Equipment 100165 9375/7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start

The Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel Generator is highly rated by its users, gaining an average of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars based on user ratings. Here are the pros of the Champion 7500DF from what other buyers had to say.

  • Easy to start- Users especially love the electric start that makes it easy to start the generator. No more wrenching the recoil, it seems.
  • Dependable- Since it is dual fuel, the Champion 7500DF is dependable in most situations. Cold Start technology means that users can rely on the generator to start even in unfavorable conditions.

Even after several years of use, the generator is still able to fire up right away.

  • Sound Power Output- Users found the 7500 running watts and 9350 starting watts quite adequate for all their power needs.

Drawbacks of the Champion 7500DF

The Champion 7500DF may be an excellent all-round generator, but it is not without fault. Here are the two drawbacks of this generator;

  • Heavy- At 202.4 pounds, this generator is quite massive. While this may not present significant mobility issues thanks to the never-flat wheels and the handle, it will be difficult for one person to handle the equipment in situations where lifting is required. For instance, loading to the back of a truck will require two or more people.
  • Loud- With a noise level of 74-dBA, the Champion 7500DF is considered loud by most people. Although 74-dBA is typical for a generator with its output, the presence of quieter alternatives like the Westinghouse WGen 7500 Portable generator makes this Champion generator seem too loud.

This noise level may be unacceptable in some campsites, so you might want to check first before heading out to your favorite camp.



The Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel generator is a versatile and reliable generator capable of meeting all your power needs. With loads of convenience features and a high power output, this generator is suitable for workers in an off-grid job site and homeowners alike.

With the Champion 7500DF running, you don’t have to worry about surviving through blackouts or powering your equipment off-grid. Even better, the generator is dual fuel; so you can always opt for the other whenever one fuel source is missing.