Can You Walk on Solar Panels?

Can you walk on solar panels? The answer is yes and no. It is possible to walk on a solar panel, but it’s not recommended.

The first thing to consider is the weight of your foot. The average human’s step weighs about 100 pounds, and if you’re walking on a solar panel with that much pressure it can cause significant damage over time. Walking can cause the glass to crack or pop off of the frame which will then lead to more issues down the line with leakage and damage.

If you must walk on your solar panels you should wear a pair of heavy-duty rubber boots, and make sure that you are wearing safety gear such as a hard hat and goggles.

Solar panels can break

Solar panels are durable, but they are not indestructible, and walking on them can cause damage. Solar panels can also be damaged by other factors such as hail, ice, or snow. If you want to walk on your solar panels the best time is during a sunny day when there are no clouds in sight and it’s not too hot outside (solar panel efficiency decreases with heat). 

man working on solar panel array

Can you repair a solar panel if it breaks?

Yes, you can repair a solar panel if it breaks. You will need to clean the area of any debris and then use a sealant or glue that is made for repairing your type of panel (ie tempered glass). If it’s not possible replace them with new ones!

Can you be electrocuted by walking on solar panels or solar cells?

The answer is maybe. Solar panels and solar cell installations are designed to be safe for humans who work on them regularly – they’re grounded just like any other electrical installation would have a ground wire installed in order to protect against electrocution or shock hazard if there was an accident that caused electricity leakage from the panel itself onto your body (elevated voltage). Of course, this is if the solar panels have been installed correctly and are earthed.

If a solar panel is broken, it’s possible that there could be a risk of electrocution if the panel is exposed to rain or moisture. This can happen when panels are installed improperly and not earthed, which would allow electricity leakage onto your body from an electric current in wet conditions (elevated voltage).

This is why if you’re walking on solar cells you should wear shoes or boots with rubber soles.

If you walk on Solar Panels will they get Scratched?

Solar panels can also be scratched if you walk on them, which can cause the cells to lose efficiency (and therefore your savings).  Solar panels are made from glass and silicon, which can be easily scratched by your shoes or even just dirt particles that get stuck in them over time if they aren’t cleaned regularly. All it takes is for you to have a pebble stuck in the grooves of your shoe to damage a solar panel

When a solar panel gets scratched, it may not be able to collect as much light, and therefore generate less electricity. Solar panels can be scratched fairly easily, and their power output will diminish as a result.

Is it dangerous to walk on a Solar Array?

As we have already discussed there is a chance of electrocution if you walk on a solar roof when it is wet. The surface can also be extremely slippery which is another reason to take extra care when on the roof.

Can your walk on Tesla Solar Panel Roofs?

Tesla solar panels are specifically designed to be extra durable and are even stronger than regular roof tiles. However, this isn’t a reason to traipse across them! They can still get very slippery when wet so it is suggested that if work needs to be carried out on your roof then it’s best to hire a roofing contractor. They will have the experience and equipment such as harnesses to make the job a safe one.

Marine solar panels the exception

There are marine panels that are designed to be walked on and are designed to survive the harsh marine environment but are not suitable for residential or commercial roof surfaces.

contractors making repairs on solar roof

Safety tips for walking on solar panels

As we’ve alliterated in this article, over and over, try to avoid going up on your solar roof if possible. Consider using a contractor who has the experience of working at height and the proper safety equipment.

  • Solar panels are made of glass and silicon, which means they can be slippery when wet so be careful when walking on them
  • Place your feet flat on the solar panel surface without letting your heels drag
  • Don’t wear shoes with metal or plastic soles because they can damage the solar panel surface wear shoes with rubber soles
  • Do not walk on any part of a panel that has been damaged or is not working properly
  • If you do slip, try not to panic as this will only make it more difficult for you to get up
  • Walk on the panels at a slow pace
  • Try to use your hands and feet together so that if one slips then the other can help keep your balance
  • Walk on the panels in one direction, don’t turn around or walk back and forth

In Summary: can you walk on a solar roof?

In summary, the answer is yes but you should not walk on solar panels unless it is of the utmost necessity. Walking or standing can cause the cells to get scratched and lose their efficiency which will result in a loss of power output for your home’s energy needs. There are also risks associated with electrocution from faulty wiring if it has not been installed correctly.

If you have to walk on the surface of your solar array, wear rubber-soled shoes and move slowly and confidently aiming to put as little pressure on the surface as possible.