best portable generator brands

Best Generator Brands

Power outages can leave you caught in the dark. But, you can be more prepared for power breakdowns with a generator. Whether it is keeping your house warm during winters or cool during the summers, a short camping trip you planned with your friends, or just charging your electric vehicles, generators are the essential need of the hour.

Not only do these generators provide you with a continuous and uninterrupted supply of power, but they also offer you the luxury of arranging a source of power supply practically anywhere. Based on the application, there are three categories of generators available in the market: 

  1.       Portable
  2.       Industrial
  3.       Standby

As is clear from its name, a portable generator is something you can carry anywhere you want. They are light-weight, easy to carry, and sometimes so small that they will fit inside your backpack. An Industrial generator is commercially used in gigantic industries such as mining, coal, oil, gas, etc. A standby generator – the most common form of generator used – serves as an instant backup in case of a power outage. During a power outage, the generator will turn on automatically and resumes the power supply within seconds. 

Best Generator Brands to Buy in the USA

If you are in the market for a new generator, you need to think about the brand of the generator you want to buy. Here is a list of the top generator brands in the US today for you to choose from – 

A-I Power

ai power generator

With 30 years of experience in the power industry, A-I power is indeed a big name when it comes to the quality of products and customer satisfaction. The headquarters is located in California, while their products are designed and manufactured in North Carolina. 

The wide variety of generators this company offers makes it a prominent name in this market. Ranging from portable generators to electrical start generators and even duel fuel generators, one would find every possible kind of generator according to his need.

A-I Power SUA1500 Portable generator claims to have 1500 watts of starting power with 1200 watts running power while having a run time of 10 hours at 50% load, making it the perfect tool for camping, tailgating, etc. Some of their best famous models are:

Model Watts Avg. Run Time
SUA9000E 9000 8.5 hours at 50%
SUA10000EC 10000 7 hours at 50%
AP400 Portable 4000 12 hours at 50%
SUA12000ED 12000 10 hours at 50%
SUA12000ECSA 12000 9 hours at 50%


Briggs & Stratton

briggs and stratton

Briggs & Stratton, a company with a net worth of over a billion-dollar, was founded in 1908 in the fields of Wisconsin. Top manufacturer of Gasoline engines, Briggs & Stratton Corporation, claims to produce 15 million units each year, and facilities spread all over the United States along with Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and some parts of China. They also have a wide customer base present in more than 100 countries. 

This company gained huge popularity because of their models’ build-up from Cast Iron and Aluminum, making it a leader of this industry in a relatively short period.

Their product line ranges from portable generators – which are super-light and runs on gasoline, to home generators – no fuel required, permanently installed outside the house, and installed by a certified technician ensuring the safety and compatibility of the product.

Known for its noiseless functioning, the Q6500 Quiet Power generator is one of their best-selling generators. It comes with 6500 watts of power, 14 hours of run time with the latest QPT, and an all-steel frame for minimizing the noise model.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
P2200 2200 8 hours at 25%
P3000 3000 10 hours at 25%
P5000 5000 12.5 hours at 50%
7000 Watt Elite Series 7000 9 hours at 50%


Champion Power Equipment

champion generator

Thriving to get better, Champion is leading the market of power generation equipment for years. They have their market presence since 2003, and they have continued to grow in terms of size, units produced per year, and revenue ever since. The headquarters is situated in California, but its facilities have spread to Tennessee, Wisconsin, and also Toronto. Champion is catering to its customers not just from North America but also Canada, South America, and parts of Europe.

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Their products can be called a standard of excellence – a standard which they have managed to maintain right from the beginning of their establishment. A brand like Champion is not famous just for the wide range of their product offered, but also their elite customer service and desire to satisfy every consumer need and wants. They manufacture products such as portable generators, standby generators, inverter generators, and engines.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
110403 1200 11 hours at 50%
100458 1200 12 hours at 50%
42432 1400 10 hours at 50%
100402 1600 11 hours at 25%
200959 1700 11.5 hours at 25%



DuroMax has been a part of the alternate power industry for the last 18 years. Its headquarters is based in Ontario, California right where it was founded back in 2003. It has been a famously known brand in duel fuel portable generator technology due to its motto of “Powering Everyone…Anywhere!” Despite having their headquarters located in California, the presence of their distribution centers, retailers, wholesalers, and service centers can be easily found all across the United States and Canada since the company was structured on the principles of quality, durability, and customer service.

There are multiple types of generators available in DuroMax, such as New HX Series, Jobsite, Home backup, Camping/RV, Duel Fuel, etc. DuroMax XP13000HX is the topmost product of this company. This powerhouse product comes with a whopping power capacity of 13000 Watts and a digital multi-meter for a better control center. This generator is commonly used as a backup for homes along with providing power to general appliances or Central A/C systems in any given emergency, which makes it stand apart in the market. It runs on a dual fuel system – either liquid propane or gasoline.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
DuroMax XP12000HX 12000 9 hours at 50%
DuroMax XP10000HX 10000 10.4 hours at 50%
DuroMax XP5500HX 5500 9 hours at 50%
DuroMax XP4850HX 4850 11 hours at 50%



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Based in California, DuroStar is a brand that manufactures generators and power equipment tools. These generators are the definition of ‘Quality, Durability, and Affordability.’ Originally, DuroStar is owned by Dexin International Inc – which also owns DuroMax – its sister company. DuroStar Generators are designed, tested, and manufactured in Ontario, California. 

Apart from highly durable generators, DuroStar also offers a 1-year part warranty along with a 30-day replacement warranty. The USP of DuroStar Generators is ‘being pocket-friendly compared to other notable brands in the market. These generators have more life cycles available, making them a long-lasting product and serving the need for a long time. DuroStar Generators are also known for their quiet operation, suitable for domestic and household power backup.

DuroStar 13000E is a portable generator workhorse having 13000-watts of power supply. All the essentials house appliances along with a central A/C system can be power by the DS13000E. It has a low oil shutoff system that shuts the generator if the oil quantity is not sufficient to run it safely. Other features are 232 lbs heavy, 74dBA Volume rating, 8-gal tank, and 8 hours of runtime at 50% load.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
DS10000E 10000 9 hours at 50%
DS10000EH 10000 9 hours at 50%
DS12000EH 12000 5 hours at 100%
DS7000Q 7000 12 hours at 50%



Firman is owned by Sinomach, which is its parent company. They have manufactured more than 12 million generators since their existence. The extent of their manufacturing capacity can be understood by the fact that they can produce over 3000 generators every day! Firman has constantly updated their product’s design and capacity, which is why they claim their generators to be 25% bigger in the context of the tank size; bigger tank sizes lead to longer run times, making it more convenient for the customer. They also offer an exclusive 3-year warranty on all of their generators, along with highly skilled technicians located in Pheonix, Arizona, who are available seven days of the week for smooth customer service.

Firman’s generators are divided into three categories: Hybrid Series, Performance Series, and Whisper Series: The Whisper series gained a huge reputation for its super quiet generators. The best-selling generator T08071 is equipped with 10000 watts power supply capacity. This is a tri-fuel generator; it runs on gasoline, propane, and natural gas and has its tank of 8 gals; highly recommended for large RV’s, backup power, and farm work.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
WH03042 3000 9 hours at 25%
T07571 7500 12 hours at 50%
H03651 3650 14 hours at 50%
H03652 3300 14 hours at 50%



Honda entered the business of power equipment products in 1953. Twenty years later, they launched their world-famous “Honda Generators,” which later on became their best-selling category among power equipment, outperforming – tillers, outboards, and water pumps. Honda has successfully delivered 100 million power products since its establishment. Honda power equipment is manufactured in Swepsonville, North Carolina, while most of their research, development, and testing facilities are carried out in Japan, and the headquarters is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Honda manufactures generators ranging from as low as 1000 watts to as high as 10000 watts. Their main focus is the development of fuel-efficient and low-carbon emission products. Honda’s product line of generators is categorized as; Home backup, Industrial, Recreational, Super quiet, and Economy. 

EU7000iS – is one of Honda’s top-rated generators – is perfect for outdoor events, home backup power, and RVs. This 7000-watt powerhouse comes with the latest Bluetooth technology, which lets you monitor the performance, start/stop functioning, and remind the service due, all with just one click on your Smartphone.

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Model Watts Avg. Run Time
EU3000iS 3000 19.6 hours at 25%
EU2200i Companion 2200 8.1 hours at 25%
EU2200i Camo 2200 8.1 hours at 25%
EM5000SX 5000 10.5 hours at 50%



Committed to building the most reliable, environment-friendly, and low carbon emission products, Generac – Originally known as Generac Holdings Inc – is an American Fortune 1000 manufacturer in the power generation equipment industry. This power giant has maintained its legacy of 61 years with its portable generators and effective after-sales service. Having gross revenue of more than 2 Billion dollars, Generac was founded in 1959 by Robert Kern – an engineer turned philanthropist. The headquarters is situated in Wisconsin, while their retailers, wholesalers, and dealers are present across many US states. Also, they claim to be a leader in designing and manufacturing fully automatic transfer switches and accessories of power backup equipment.

Apart from emphasizing clean energy, they have a diverse product line which includes Portable generators, Home backup, Business standby, Industrial Generators, and Mobile Generators.

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Model Watts Avg. Run Time
IQ3500 3500 9 hours at 50 %
GP8000E 8000 12 hours at 50%
GP6500E 6500 10.5 hours at 50%
XT8500EFI 8500 9 hours at 50%
GP15000E 15000 10 hours at 50%


Goal Zero

It has been barely 12 years of the establishment of Goal Zero as a company, yet it has managed to present itself as a credible brand in the power generation industry. Goal Zero corporate offices and factory store is located in Riverton, Utah. It is a subsidiary of NRG Energy – a big name in the field of energy generation and retail electricity. The founder of Goal Zero – Robert Workman – started working towards the betterment of fellow humans back in 2009. After visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo, he realized the need to get those poor people out of their misery by teaching them how to run a sustainable and flourishing business with limited resources. The mission of Goal Zero is “to provide people a bright, safe, and connected future by executing smart, portable power solutions to everyone, everywhere.” 

Goal Zero labels their portable generators as power station which comes with a sleek design, metallic paint, and wheels for free movement. Goal Zero YETI 6000X is equipped with 6000 watts of power supply, a lithium-ion battery, and seven different charging ports.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
YETI 3000X 3000 500 life cycles
YETI 1500X 1500 500 life cycles
YETI 500X 500 450 life cycles
YETI 200X 200 400 life cycles



Jackery was founded by an engineer from Silicon Valley – who previously worked as a battery engineer in Apple. The company laid its stone of establishment in 2012. They are committed to serving alternate power sources for explorers and travelers while providing clean energy and green power solutions. The company’s headquarters is located in Milpitas, California.

In 2015, Jackery became the first company to introduce the world’s 1st Lithium portable power stations for travelers and trekkers. Later on, they went on with manufacturing solar panels and solar generators, concreting their mission of producing clean energy with low minimum emission. Jackery SolarSaga series – solar panels, gained high demand because of their easy-to-use mechanism. These panels can be charged by sunlight, stored in lithium power stations, and utilized as a backup power generator.

The most profitable product of Jackery – Explorer 1000 Portable power Station – has been admired by thousands of customers over time. Explorer 1000 comes with 1000 watts of power, lithium batteries, 8 ports, and an LCD screen for charge/discharge notifications and weighs only 22lbs. It surely is a JACK of all spades!


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
Explorer 500 500 7 hours
Explorer 240 240 2.5 hours
Explorer 300 300 5 hours
Explorer 150 150 1.4 hours



Pulsar generators have captured the market share in a short period compared to some other brands like Generac, Firman, and Duromax. Claiming to be one of the fastest-growing companies in power generation equipment, Pulsar provides its products to everyone at budget-friendly prices. When it comes to offering super quiet generators at an affordable cost, Pulsar has the upper hand compared to other brands. An economical product, combined with quality customer service, is what a buyer gets while choosing a brand like Pulsar.

Pulsar’s product line ranges from generators having power capacity as low as 1200 watts to as high as 15000. They also manufacture diesel generators for commercial purposes in big units and service sectors. The talk of the town – Pulsar 15000W V-twin – is a portable generator. It is equipped with 15000 Watts of Power (at peak), 713cc engine, Double Cylinder, Electric start, Folding Handles, and Oversized Wheels for moving it around freely.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
PG12000B 12000 12 hours at 50%
PG10000B16 100000 12 hours at 50%
PG7750B 7750 13 hours at 50%
PG6000 6000 13.5 hours at 50%



Dealing mainly in portable generators and rechargeable solar panels, Rockpals is a professional outdoor brand. Their mission is to make traveling – a hassle-free experience, which is possible not only with a great product but also when trained personnel is always at a call away, irrespective of your location and time. Lightweight solar panels to high-power portable generators, they manufacture it all under one roof. The headquarters of Rockpals is in Chino, California, and the net revenue is estimated at around 1 million dollars.

They have around six portable generators on their shelf, focusing mostly on the quality and pricing of the product than merely the quantity. Rockpower 300W portable power station is a teeny-tiny generator, which is extremely easy to carry around; net weight is just 7.7 lbs. It comes with a lithium-ion battery pack of 300 Watts with multiple ports, meeting all your needs while at camping or in an emergency.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
330W 330 500 cycles
350W 350 500 cycles
500W 500 1000 cycles
250W 250 350 cycles



Having more than five decades of experience in the power generation industry, Sportsman is a brand that has its benefits over other companies in the same niche. The company was established in 1964 and had been manufacturing top-notch generators and outdoor power equipment ever since. Sportsman is partially owned by Buffalo – who made their name with world-famous 4-stroke engines. Sportsman motors and generators are manufactured in China. From China, they are imported to the United States by Buffalo in Missouri. 

A significant fact about Sportsman generators is that they provide you with a variety of options available in terms of fuel. One can choose from LPG, Gasoline, or Natural Gas for his generator. Despite having a medium range of price, Sportsman does not compromise with the quality, durability, and first look of their generators. Unlike other generators present in this market, they look trendy, stylish, and compacted in the first impression.

Sportsman GEN9000DF comes with features like 8000 running Watts, Propane/Gasoline Powered Engine, Recoil/Electric Start, 8 gals of Fuel Tank, and Decibel Rating below 80. However, this generator is not recommended to be used at high altitudes (above 3000 feet). Also, the weight is slightly heavy for a portable generator.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
GEN7500DF 7500 10 hours at 50%
GEN7000LP 7000 12 hours at 50%
GEN4000DF 4000 10 hours at 50%
GEN3500I 3500 5 hours at 50%



The Japanese brand ‘Yamaha’ gained recognition and customer’s faith by their highly-reputed YAMAHA MOTORS. They have their business spread across multiple niches like motorcycles, boats, outboard motors, and several other motor products. Yamaha was founded in 1955 by Torakusu Yamaha. The global headquarters is located in Shizouka, Japan, while the headquarters of Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, is in Cypress, California. A Fortune 500 company, Yamaha’s net worth was estimated at 1200 billion yen.

Apart from their successful venture in the Motorcycle business, Yamaha earned their name in the power generation equipment industry because of their compacted portable generators. Their generators run at a relatively low volume compared to other generators, making them suitable for domestic use. Yamaha also offers a 3-year warranty on most of their generators for better customer service.

Yamaha EF6300ISDE is a 6300 watts portable generator. Weighing around 200 pounds, this generator can power a full-size RV, microwave, and few other appliances – all at the same time. It comes with features like an electric start, built-in wheels, power meter, oil watch warning system, and noise level less than 64dBA.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
EF4500ISE 4500 19 hours at 25%
EF3000ISEB 3000 19 hours at 25%
EF2800I 2800 14.7 hours at 25%
EF2400ISHC 2400 8.6 hours at 25%



Westinghouse’s legacy can be traced back to 136 years when Westinghouse Electric Company was founded in 1886 by George Westinghouse. After seven years, Nicola Tesla – a visionary engineer turned inventor – received a patent for alternating current motor and started working for Westinghouse. According to reports, they have been approved more than 30000 patents by the US government. The headquarter of Westinghouse is located in Pennsylvania. Their generators are categorized into six types: Inverter, Traditional, Solar, Home, Work, and Play. Westinghouse’s generators are durable, high-functioning, and offer a high cost-benefit ratio to customers. 

WPro12000 – one of their highest selling generators – is designed for heavy industrial jobs and professional contractors making use of this powerhouse in mining, construction, and healthcare services. Providing 15,000 peak watts and 12,000 running watts, this Industrial generator comes with features like an Electric Start Button, 352 lbs weight, 74 dBA operating volume, VFT display, 10.5 gals of the fuel tank, and a run time of 11 hours. 


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
WGen12000DF 12000 11 hours
WH10000DF 10000 11 hours
WPro8500 8500 12 hours
WGen9500 9500 12 hours



Having more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing tools, Wen is a brand that an American can trust without doubting much. This company was founded in 1951 by Nick Anton. Initially, they produced common tools such as a chainsaw, electric jigsaw, wheel sharpener, etc. Later on, Wen gained a reputation for their duel fuel generators and invertors. The headquarters is located in Elgin, Illinois.

Most of the Wen generators are assembled in China, yet, they are booming the market with the list of features that comes along with it. The engine resembles those used in Yamaha generators; however, the noise volume is significantly less; around 60 dBA at 100% load.

The talk of the town – Wen 56200i – has certain pros and cons, as per the customers’ first-hand experience. While this generator was claimed to be very quiet, compact, and having a long run time, some of the users complained about eco mode not working efficiently at higher loads. Wen56200i has 2000 starting watts/1600 running watts, 48 lbs of weight, tank capacity of 1gal, 6 hours of run time at 50% load, and Gasoline as fuel type.


Model Watts Avg. Run Time
WEN 56203i 2000 10.8 hours at 25%
WEN 56235i 2350 10.5 hours at 25%
WEN 56225i 2250 9.4 hours at 25%
WEN 56310i 3100 7.5 hours at 50%