7500 watt generator reviews

The Best 7500-Watt Generator

Electricity is easily one of the essential features in the modern home. Almost all your appliances run on electricity, hence the need for an emergency standby generator for when the power goes out. A 7500-watt generator is the ideal backup generator. It packs enough power to keep all your essential appliances running while maintaining the right size and keeping costs relatively low.

The use of a 7500-watt generator is not only limited to the home. Given the portable nature of these generators, they can supply power to an off-grid work site. They are also suitable for camping and RVing.

7500-Watt Generators Reviews

We’ve spent hours researching the best 7500-watt generators. We’ve reviewed the technical specifications and read customer reviews of the most popular 7500-watt generators. Using the spec sheet and customer opinions as our basis, here are our four favorite generators.

Given that these generators have a common denominator, the power output, we had to develop a ranking criterion. Each of these 7500-watt generators rises above its competitors at a particular key characteristic. Hence, we might not have an overall winner. Nonetheless, accompanying the reviews is a buying guide that should help you choose the best 7500-watt generator for you.

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What is The Best Dual Fuel 7500-watt Generator?

Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review

Champion Power Equipment 100165 9375/7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start

The Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator is a popular portable generator. This generator runs on both gasoline (petrol) and propane (LPG). It has several key features that set it apart from other dual fuel generators.

These features make the Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel generator a very convenient piece of equipment, and convenience is where this generator beats all other 7500-watt dual fuel generators.

Key Features

  • Dual Fuel– The Champion 7500DF can run on either propane or gasoline. This feature eliminates inconveniences that may arise if any one of these fuels is unavailable.
  • Low-oil shutoff sensor– A generator will destroy itself within a couple of minutes if it runs without oil. The low-oil shutoff sensor shuts off this generator if it is running dangerously low on oil. This feature makes owning the Champion 7500DF very convenient since you do not have to remain vigilant on the oil level throughout.
  • Intelligauge– Another key convenience feature in this generator is Intelligauge. This feature tracks the output and Volt Guard of the generator, protecting it from overload. By monitoring the frequency, voltage, and operating hours, Intelligauge protects your appliances from potentially harmful voltage fluctuations and notifies you when maintenance is required.
  • Electric start– The Champion 7500DF has two starting options; the good old energetic recoil start and the electric start if you don’t have the energy to pull the recoil. Cold Start Technology is a feature of the electric start that enables a quick and easy start of the generator, even in cold weather.

From the reviews, what customers loved most about the Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel is its insanely high starting watts, 9375 watts on gasoline. As with every other generator on this list, the running watts are 7500W. The high starting watts, impressive running watts, and features such as Intelligauge and Cold Start make the Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel suitable for many functions.

For starters, the 7500 watts power output makes it the ideal dual fuel backup generator for homeowners. This generator can keep key appliances like refrigerators, lighting systems, and air conditioners running during a power outage for an average-size home. This dual fuel 7500-watt generator is transfer ready, which makes connecting the generator during an outage easy.

The Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel generator is also suitable for job sites not connected to the grid. Its high starting and running watts make it capable of comfortably powering all your power tools.

Other scenarios that this generator is suitable for include camping and RVing. The Cold Start feature will especially come in handy during camping. Since this feature makes it easy and quick to start the Champion 7500DF in cold weather, you can now go camping during winter, knowing all your power needs will be catered for. And thanks to the above-average running watts, you no longer have to turn off your AC when you go RVing.

Another feature of the Champion 7500 Dual Fuel Generator that customers loved is the runtime. On gasoline, the generator runs for 8 hours at half load. While on propane, it will run for 5 hours 30 minutes at half load. All these runtimes are achieved if the generator starts running on a full tank (6 gallons). Nonetheless, when running on propane, the starting watts drop to 8400 watts, which is still relatively high, while the running watts drop to 6750 watts.

The Champion 7500 DF is by no means a silent generator, with a noise level of 74 dBA. If you are all about quiet generators, the best silent 7500-watt generator is part of our list, so read on. The Champion 7500-watt Dual Fuel generator has a 3 years warranty, and Champion Power Equipment has included free lifetime technical support from their experts.


  • Heavy- The Champion 7500 DF is a massive generator to lift. Nonetheless, the wheels and handle give it a boost in mobility.
  • Loud– As stated earlier, this generator does not excel when it comes to silence.


What is The Best User-Friendly 7500-watt Generator?

Westinghouse WGen 7500 Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start 7500 Rated Watts & 9500 Peak Watts, Gas Powered, CARB Compliant, Transfer Switch Ready

Some generators are just more comfortable to use than others, and here is where the Westinghouse WGen 7500 Portable Generator excels. Unlike our first equipment on the list, only gasoline can power this generator. The generator features some advanced and premium features at a relatively affordable price. These features aim to make learning how to use and using the generator an effortless experience for customers.

Nonetheless, don’t let the trouble-free nature of the Westinghouse WGen 7500 portable generator distract you from its power capabilities. The generator has very high starting watts at 9500, and its 7500 running watts make it suitable as a home emergency power backup, RV generator, and an off-grid worksite power supply.

Here are all the features that make the Westinghouse WGen 7500 Portable Generator the best user-friendly 7500-watt Generator out there.

Key Features

  • Transfer Switch Ready– The Westinghouse WGen 7500 portable generator comes transfer switch ready. Thus you can easily connect to your house wiring through a transfer switch without the need for extension cables.
  • Electric Start and Remote Starting– With this generator, you don’t have to tug on a recoil to get it up and running if you don’t want to. For your convenience, there is a push-button to start and stop. To make things easier, the push button is complemented by a remote key fob.  The wireless key fob lets you start or stop the WGen 7500 without moving an inch.
  • Digital Fuel Gauge– The WGen 7500 has a built-in digital fuel gauge that makes it easy to monitor the tank’s fuel levels at any given time.
  • Powerful and Fuel-Efficient Engine– The generator uses a 420cc Overhead Valve engine. Aside from being powerful enough to power all the essential appliances in a modern home, the engine is built to be fuel-efficient. The Overhead Valve technology helps the engine run more efficiently. The engine has a cast iron sleeve instead of plastic. The iron sleeve not only increases the usable life and durability; it also reduces the oil consumption.
  • Safety Features– The WGen 7500 packs a lot of safety features to protect the operators. These features include; low oil shutdown, overload protection, rubber-covered outlets, and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). GFCI is a circuit breaker designed to cut off electric power within a 1/40 of a second when a ground-fault occurs.

From the reviews, customers loved a lot about the Westinghouse WGen 7500 generator. From how easy it is to unbox and assemble to the loads of convenience features like remote start and the push button. If you have a transfer switch installed in your home, the included instructions on converting the WGen 7500 to a floating neutral are clear and easy to follow.

Most of the features of the WGen 7500 are not in other generators of the same price range. Thus, comparing how much you pay for the generator and what you get in return, this is one of the most affordable 7500-watt generators in the market.

The generator has a decent 6.6-gallon fuel tank. What is impressive is the 16 hours of runtime you get on the WGen 7500. The long runtime and high peak watts and running watts allow you to power up your home, worksite comfortably, or RV without the need for constant refilling.

It is backed by a 3-year warranty, covering servicing and parts with nationwide customer service.


  • The WGen 7500 is quite heavy, at 192 pounds. Although the wheels and handle make it easier to move the generator on flat surfaces, you will need some help in areas that require lifting.
  • It lacks a low oil monitoring light. This means you have to monitor the oil levels continually.

What is the Quietest 7500-watt Generator?

Honda EU7000is

The Honda EU7000is is not a 7500-watt generator. Nonetheless, the legendary reputation of Honda EU inverter generators and its close, continuous output of 5500 watts and peak output of 7000 watts earn this generator a spot on our list.

The Honda EU7000is outperforms all other inverter generators. Whereas most are not ideal for use at a busy job site, the generator’s high peak wattage and continuous wattage makes it capable of powering several tools. The EU7000is can also be used as a backup generator since it can power the essential appliances during a power outage.

Key Features

  • Start-up- The Honda EU7000is has a purely electric start-up process. With a press of the start-up button, you can bring this machine to life.
  • Convenient and easy to operate- The controls of this generator are convenient and easy to use. For instance, the Honda EU7000is has a display monitor that shows the machine’s performance in terms of power input and power output. This makes it easy to track the RPM, voltage, and power usage.

Another control feature is Remote Control. This feature is Wi-Fi enabled and lets you use your android device as a remote, giving you control of your generator from as far as 800 feet.

Starter grip is also a feature of the Honda EU7000is that lets you start the engine by recoiling the starter when the battery voltage is low to activate the motor.

  • Fuel Consumption and efficiency– The generator runs on gasoline. There is an eco-throttle switch that helps the generator use fuel efficiently without reducing the power output. The fuel gauge has indicators that show the level of gasoline in the fuel tank.
  • Safety features– The Honda EU7000is has various safety features that aim at protecting the operator. There are shut off sensors that will detect a power overload and switch off the generator. The LED lights on the main panel will indicate the cause of the shutoff. Another safety feature is the oil sensor that automatically switches the engine off when the oil levels become too low.
  • Silent– Silence is the key feature that has earned the EU7000is a spot on this list. This generator is one of the most silent in the market, capable of handling all your power supply needs while keeping the noise levels minimal.
  • Power Benefits- Apart from being the best inverter generator for meeting average power demands, the Honda EU7000is has a lot of power benefits. The generator can power even the most sensitive electrical equipment thanks to its low Harmonic Distortion.

The Eco-Throttle Switch (Economy mode) reduces the RPM when the power demand is below 25% or when there are no connections.

Sometimes, your power needs may exceed 7000 watts. Luckily, the Honda EU 7000is lets you connect to a parallel EUS7000IS kit.

The Honda EU7000is is the ideal generator for those looking for a silent generator. It is suitable for camping, RVing, or any other outdoor events that require minimal or no sound. Its peak output of 7000 watts lets you power up your appliances comfortably during an outage, run the AC in your RV, or power up tools at an off-grid work site. Even more impressive it’s fuel efficiency that will give you up to 18 hours of runtime on a full tank (5.1 gallons).


  • The Honda EU7000is is a relatively pricey generator.
  • At 262 pounds, this generator is quite heavy for one person when lifting is required.

7500-watt California CARB Compliant Generator.

Cat RP7500E

Cat RP7500E Gas Powered Portable Generator with Electric Start - 7500 Running Watts/9375 Starting Watts 490-6491

For those seeking a 7500-watt generator that can be purchased and sold in all the 50 states, including California, the Cat RP7500E stands apart from the rest. This generator does everything you would expect a 7500-watt generator to do- handle all your home appliances or workstation power needs and maybe your RV when you go for that road trip.

Key Features

  • Electric Start- Electric start has been a key feature of most equipment on this list, and this generator is no different. You can always use the recoil start on those days when you feel energetic and the electric start when your muscles are just not in the mood.
  • A fuel gauge- There is a built-in fuel gauge for easy and convenient fuel level checking.
  • Security features include low oil shutoff and an overload protection feature.
  • A convenient meter that displays the frequency, voltage, and lifetime hours. Using the meter, you can monitor the status and activity of the RP7500 E.
  • Strong Engine- The generator has a powerful and dependable 420cc Ohv engine protected in a cast iron sleeve.
  • Six outlets- The Cat RP7500 offers you a choice of 6 outlets in total.


The Cat RP7500 was designed to power the worksite, but it can also serve as an excellent backup generator for your home. This generator packs a lot of energy in a small footprint, with a starting wattage of 9375 watts and 7500 running watts.  The generator runs on gas only and can power your off-grid worksite or home appliances simultaneously for up to 11 hours.

The generator was designed to handle even the more power-hungry construction tools. It is one of the most potent Caterpillar generators on offer and is CARB compliant. Caterpillar provides a 3- Year Warranty on the generator for parts and service.


  • The Cat RP7500 is a massive generator. This issue will only arise when lifting is required since the wheels and handles make it easy to move it on a flat surface.
  • Loud- The generator is not exactly silent.
  • There is no rubber gasket on the air filter cover.

7500-watt Generator Buying Guide

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start 7500 Rated Watts & 9500 Peak Watts, Gas Powered, CARB Compliant, Transfer Switch Ready

Based on the said criteria, the above are the best 7500-watt generators in their respective categories. Depending on what you want in a 7500-watt generator, deciding which of the above generators to buy should be relatively easy. Nonetheless, if you are still undecided on what to look for when purchasing a 7500- watt generator, you are in luck. We have added this handy buying guide to aid you in your buying decision.

Considerations When Purchasing a Generator

  1. Purpose

The reason you need the generator is essential. Do you need it as a backup power option for your home? Maybe you need it for camping and supplying your RV power needs. Or perhaps you need a generator to power your worksite. Knowing why you need a generator helps you gauge the power output you will require from a generator. This takes us to our next consideration.

  1. Power

Once you know why you need the generator, you should determine how much power you need. For instance, if you need one for your home, check how many watts they run on. This should help determine the running watts of the generator you should buy. While at it, also remember to consider the start-up power of your appliances. For context, your fridge may run on 800 watts but require 2300 start-up power.

Therefore, your generator should have a start-up wattage that exceeds the start-up wattage of your home appliances.

  1. Connecting the generator to your house

Suppose your generator’s primary purpose is as a backup source of power; how easy it is to connect it to your house matters a lot. Thankfully, most portable generators come stand by ready. Therefore, connecting them to your home when there is a power outage should be a relatively easy task.

  1. Fuel Type

Pick a generator powered by the most convenient source of fuel in your area.  For instance, gas generators are the most common since gas is readily available. You can opt for a gas generator, or if you want to avoid the hustle and rash for gas after a storm, you should go for a dual fuel generator (Gas and Propane)

There are also diesel and battery-powered generators, but they cost a lot more than the traditional gas and propane generators.

  1. Fuel Tank

Once you determine the fuel type best for you, you need a fuel tank capacity to adequately cater to your power needs. The size of the fuel tank directly influences how long the generator will keep running. The bigger the fuel tank, the better, but most generators will give you a fuel tank that will last 7-9 hours at 50% load.

  1. Starting

Starting a generator is getting easier thanks to the electric start. If you find yanking a recoil cord tiring, you wouldn’t mind throwing a few extra bucks for one with an electric start.

Thankfully for start-up reasons, all the generators we mentioned charge their batteries while in use.

  1. Noise level

How vital the noise level of a generator is will depend on its purpose. If it’s a camping generator, then it should be as silent as possible. If it is a worksite generator, silence is not a priority.

  1. Wheel kit

Generators are bulky equipment that will require to be moved from time to time. Having a wheel kit makes it easy to move them. Therefore, before buying a generator, you should consider whether it comes with a wheel kit or if you will be required to purchase one separately.